Autism Dating Sites & Apps of 2021

Who says autistic people cannot fall in love? They are humans and as humans, they can fall in love, feel love, be in love, and be loved. A common misconception is that autistic people cannot express or feel emotions. But, the truth is that they are just among the most empathetic people you will ever meet. This is the reason why autism dating sites and apps have come to existence. We are here to make sure that those who are interested in autism dating will be able to choose the right site for their needs.

We have performed deep research to find the best autism dating sites and apps in the online world today.

#1 eHarmony

eharmony is known as an online dating website that matches compatible and like-minded people according to their personality. It is this feature that makes the site a great site to consider for those who are interested in autism dating.  

It was in 2000 when eHarmony has officially opened its doors with its current headquarters located in Los Angeles, California. A couple’s therapist and clinical psychologist Dr. Neil Clark Warren founded eHarmony after having spent more than 35 years of being in the field together with his son-in-law. What sets eHarmony dating website apart from its competition is none other than its matchmaking that is based on algorithms. This is what greatly contributed to the two decades of success of the platform. is responsible for helping more than 2 million people to meet and find their true love. The dating website is among the most trusted and effective websites for autism dating to help them with serious and long-term relationships.

#2 Uneepi

uneepi is a special online dating and relationship resource made to offer support for people who belong to the Autism Spectrum. This site makes dating simpler, makes it easier to find love, and makes social interactions a mere snap. As a social media and dating site for adults with autism and Aspergers, makes dating more simplified for members through offering dating support. This is in the form of one-on-one coaching sessions over the phone or over Facetime or Skype.

This dating support covers an extensive array of different topics including what to do or say during a date, how to date, how to complete your profile, how to date safely, how to know if you already like someone and more. There are also blogs that tackle the same topics like coaching as well as tricks and tips for dating, how you can be prepared for interviews, and a whole lot more.

#3 Hiki App


Hiki is a special niche dating website that caters to people who have autism who wish to meet new friends and find love. The website is filled with positive energy and functions more as an online community instead of a dating platform.  It has a supportive and warm atmosphere that focuses on each member’s individual happiness. There is no classism or anxiety at Hiki that are quite common in other types of dating platforms. Hiki is all about energy and pure joy and nothing more.

When it comes to its genuineness, you don’t have to worry because Hiki is very much legit.  Since people who belong to the autistic community have special needs, it is not that simple for them to do normal activities like dating. It is important for them to join a platform that will make online dating an accessible and safe adventure for those who are part of the spectrum. Hiki offers this kind of unique service and it does it with such remarkable class as evident in its user-friendly and easy-to-use interface.  

#4 AutismSpeaks

autism speaks

The grandparents of a child diagnosed with autism, Suzanne and Bob Wright, founded in February. Bernie Marcus recognized the need for a powerful voice and he donated $25 million as financial assistance for launching the organization.

Rooted on the legacy of the three primary autism organizations, Cure Autism Now (CAN), the National Alliance for Autism Research (NAAR), and Autism Coalition for Research and Education (ACRE) that merged with the organization, has made exceptional advancements in the community of autism.

Some of these include the increased international autism awareness, improved understanding of the autism spectrum’s breadth, and advocacy of increasing access to support and care and research. is currently committed to advancing research into better treatments and causes for autism spectrum disorders as well as related conditions through collaboration and direct funding alike.  

To achieve this, relentlessly pursues strategies that can help make substantial progress to notable outcomes in the next decade or so. The mission of requires the organization to build capacity and grow in new ways to become a sustaining organization that accelerates scientific progress and supports people diagnosed with autism as well as their families for life.

#5 AutismDate

autism date is an inclusive and open website that welcomes all members of the autism community. Privacy protection is one of the top priorities of the site and this is made possible by making sure that the user profiles are never made available to the public nor are they visible to the unregistered users.

The website has a user lock feature to help address this. It means that once you use this, you will no longer receive messages from that particular user. But, if ever the behavior of the user becomes indecent or inappropriate, they strongly suggest reporting these people to the moderators right away. has a group chat feature that allows several people to come together and share their common interests. Since people diagnosed with autism tend to be shut out from the world, this kind of online community gives them the chance to be more willing to share and reach out to other people.

#6 Aspie Singles

aspie singles

Singles who belong to the autism spectrum, it is not easy to meet new people on the mainstream online dating websites who will completely accept and understand them. This is the reason why more and more of them are now signing up for This autism dating website connects women and men who have ASDs or autism spectrum disorders and provides helpful advice for online dating. has currently become one of the biggest online dating platforms for all daters with autism.

For the past 20 years, the number of people who have been diagnosed with ASDs has seen a significant increase. While children are often diagnosed with ASDs, there are some who don’t get a proper diagnosis until they reach adulthood. provides these ADS daters a more comfortable place of connecting with each other without any stigma and meeting others who understand the way they see the world around them.

#6 AutisticDating

autistic dating

People who belong to the autistic spectrum usually have issues looking for like-minded friends or partners. hopes that their platforms will be able to help all its members reach their dreams and goals.

If you are on the quest for romance and love, friendship, or even a friendly chat, you can sign up to the site to start reaching out with like-minded people, people who might be searching for the exact same things as you. During the creation of the site, the team behind has always been concerned that some people who might not be real can join dating websites for all wrong reasons. It is for this concern that they make sure to manually check every new profile. They also have different systems put in place to help them detect any suspicious user joining the site.

#7 Match

match is among the biggest dating services you can find online that also caters to daters in the autism spectrum. The platform is responsible for the most number of marriages, relationships, and dates compared to other online dating sites in the world. They have been establishing their reputation ever since their launch back in 1995. currently serves autism singles in 25 nations and also hosts sites in up to 15 different languages that give them one of the largest memberships of any other dating service. In order to get a better feel on how dating on the platform works, the new users can choose to sign up for an account for free. While access to the site’s full range of features is only available to paid members, free members can still create their own profile, browse other members, like profiles, post photos, and communicate with all their recommended matches.

#8 Tinder


The premise of Tinder app is quite simple. All you have to do is swipe right on the photo if you are interested or swipe left if you are not. The app also welcomes people who belong to the autism spectrum.  

The moment both users swipe right, this means that a match has been made and the two of you can now start to exchange messages. While this is a common format of instant gratification for dating apps, Tinder also has its own unique set of benefits. This makes the app very simple and easy to use even for those who have been diagnosed with autism.