20 Best Hookup Apps 2021

Even dating is in their name, dating apps are much more than that. But, what if dating apps are not enough for you and you are looking for something more different and far from what is conventional, there are also hookup apps that can help you do exactly just that.

We have gathered and reviewed 20 of the best hookup apps that you can find and use right now to help you find your dream hookups and turn them into reality in no time. We have simplified your search to save you time and effort and make everything seamless.

1. Tinder


There is no doubt that Tinder is one of the most popular hookup apps in the online dating world. This is why it is not a big surprise that it ranks first in the list of apps that will let you find and meet potential hookups.

While the app is being marketed as an app for dating, this is more renowned as a free hookup that caters to people who are not really into dating. Tinder sets itself apart from other similar apps as it lets you customize your search based on what you might be looking for. The different variables including age, location, and sexual preference are also adjustable exactly to what you want.  

Once you are ready, the app will then create a search depending on the proximity settings and the current location you have set. You will then be provided with suggestions or other app users that you will either swipe left or right depending on whether you find them interesting or not.  

2. Pure


While there are people who are only looking for hookup apps that they can use for free, there are some who are willing to spend some cash just to enjoy some fun hookups. Pure is one of the best examples of such apps as it helps you go on adventures with anonymity. Your personal identity also remains protected because your social media accounts will not be linked to it. If you are looking for a hookup app for pure casual fun, Pure offers exactly just that.

You can upload your picture and see if there is someone who might be interested for hookups around your area. Once a match is made, you can start chatting with that person for a maximum of 1 hour. When the chat is finished, the system will delete it to protect the identities of both parties. Pure also has self-destructing features for different kinds of media exchanged over chat.

3. Down


Down is the hookup app that you should download today if you are searching for singles in your area who wish to go on dates or are up for some fun. This is one of the best hookup apps that you can use for free and lets users search for singles near their vicinity. If you are looking for some action or a quick date around your city, all you have to do is log in to the app and find people who might be searching for some action tonight.  

What makes down different from other hookup apps is that it will give you 10 singles in your area. Once you pick the option Get Down, this will open you up to the match so you can start your quick interactions. But, if you prefer a more long-term relationship, you can pick the Get Date option for that person.  

4. HUD


HUD or Hook Up Dating clearly states what you are there for. This app is available for both laptops and mobile devices for more convenience. It has a scrolling match feed that allows you to view the profile of a user with no need to like it first.

The app also comes with My Bedroom feature where users will be able to discuss their kinks and sexual preferences to further establish the compatibility. The app has a free version that includes video calling, unlimited messages, basic search matches, and potential matches of up to 60 on your feed all at once.

The app comes with a free version as well as a premium free trial for 7 days. There is also available customer support through the contact form. Some of its notable features include the free chat function, photo and video protection blur, and couples allowed signing up as “we.”

5. Feeld


There are times when a hookup includes not just one person but more. However, it is not always an easy task to look for people who are open for a threesome or even a more-some.

Feeld is an app where everyone is on the same page about what they are looking for. This is an open-minded community that lets you choose from over 20 gender and sexual identities, have your profile paired with your partner’s, create group chats, and list your desires. This allows you to narrow down exactly what you are searching for.

This app is sex positive and doesn’t look as if it is a computer virus popup. Couples or singles alike can sign up for Feeld so that they can start practicing consensual polyamory or where people openly participate in non-monogamous relationships instead of people who secretly cheat on their partners.

6. Wild


Wild is a special type of hookup app where you will be able to connect with people who share the same interests as yours. This is a semi-free service so unlike many other adult hookup apps, there is a fair bit that you will be able to do before you spend any money.  

It is also pretty easy to get started with using Wild. You don’t need to fill in any lengthy forms. All you have to do is download Wild app then proceed to type in some of your basic details. You can also upload both public and private photos. After you are done setting app, you can choose to restrict those who will be able to access your private photos then provide a pass to allow those members that you are interested in.  

This app works on mutual matches and you will be matched if the other person likes you back.

7. Happn


You were on your way to the office and all of a sudden, you see an attractive person and the two of you exchanged smiles. How will you be able to get to know the person with no need to come up as creepy after you walk away? Well, consider yourself lucky because this is very much possible if the other person got a profile in Happn.

Happn is a hookup app that you can download to find people that you might be interested in. Happn lets people see other users near their location then start meeting them right away. But, although you are allowed to send a message in advance, only when the two persons liked one another as crushes will they be able to exchange messages, schedule a date, or enjoy some exciting fun tonight. To make your profile more visible, there are also in-app purchases that will let your profile stand out from the rest.

8. Yumi


Yumi bills itself as the first ever truly anonymous dating app in the world. Some might think that it is merely a hyperbole because there are surely many other anonymous dating services that were launched in the market way before Yumi.

However, what makes Yumi different lies in the way it does things. The app doesn’t require even a single piece of personal detail just so you can get started using the app or opening an account. Not only will the users of Yumi not be able to identify who you are if you don’t really want them to because even Yumi won’t be able to do so and also, neither can hackers.  

As there is nothing that ties you to your Yumi account, you could enjoy the excitement of random hookups as you remain anonymous during the overall experience.

9. Hily


Alex Pasykov and Yan Pronin cofounded Hily in 2017 and its name is the acronym for the phrase “Hey, I like you.” The app sets itself apart from other hookup apps through machine learning. Pronin stated that the focus of its matching AI is compatibility instead of attractiveness level.

Hily app has compatibility filters and its AI searches for mutual interests then identifies people who have a higher matching probability. Its algorithm can also learn from the different ways that you interact with the app that include the pictures you send, your dialogue, the people you like and whether or not they like you back, and more.   

Theoretically, you will have better matches if you also use Hily app more. Although Hily doesn’t assign its users with an attractive rating, you will still be given an internal score. This will also reflect your level of risk in Hily’s case.  

10. Hoo


Hoo is one of the fastest growing hookup apps in the world today. First, it is important to note that this app doesn’t cater to sugar relationships, which means it is might be best to avoid using the app if this is the kind of relationship you are looking for.  

Hoo app is a great place where you will be able to find something special out of long-term and serious relationships. The members of the site include professional athletes, CEOs, lawyers, doctors, entrepreneurs, investors, supermodels, beauty queens, and even Hollywood celebrities. The app users come from different parts of the world.

It is free and easy to register to the app using your email address. You can also use your Facebook or Apple ID to sign up to Hoo. There are also many other exciting features that will help you have a wonderful hookup experience.

11. FlirtMe


Flirt Me is among the best hookup and casual dating apps that allow users to meet and find mature adult friends who are near your area. The dating website helps hook up or flirt with established men and local sexy ladies faster because of nearness. The app improves the effort and time involved in looking for dates.

With the help of this app, you will be able to free yourself from boredom by meeting charming and interesting people online. You can search, chat, flirt, and meet other mature people with Flirt Me. The app is something you can use to get started with new friendships, casual dating, one night hookups, or long term relationships you have been looking for.

Setting up your own profile on the app is free and you can view the photos of thousands of hot singles. You can also play an Ice Breaker game so you can start building connections with other members.

12. AshleyMadison

ashley madison

You might have been living under a rock if you have never heard of AshleyMadison. The app has been creating huge amounts of buzz mainly because it is notorious for promoting affairs and because it is a hookup site that is simply awesome.  

Ashley Madison was originally thought to be a website for people who would like to play casually without any commitment. There are now many married people who have started to sign up to the app in droves. The app has been repositioned and since then, it has expanded to become a destination for people who wish to step out of their relationships and get started hooking up with pretty much anyone that interests them.

Ashley Madison is a judgment-free app and everyone is in the app for just the same reason. This reason is only dandy and it doesn’t really matter who or what you are.

13. Hoop


Hoop allows its users to form connections even with complete strangers. By just swiping through member profiles that include the gender, photos, and age of the person, users will be able to identify who they wish to talk to. They can also request for the Snapchat handle of the other person with a mere tap of the button to continue their conversation there.

Hoop encourages its members to use it frequently. Although lots of social media apps are difficult to put down because of their almost infinite blocks of content, Hoop urges you to log in and start engaging every day so you can continue to chat.

If Tinder lets you swipe right for a maximum of 100 times daily, Hoop requires you to use the in-app diamonds for requesting apps. You will only be allowed to send up to 10 requests before you need to obtain more.

14. HMU


HMU or Hook Me Up is one of the fastest growing adult hookup apps made especially for those who wish to make new friends or meet new people in their local area or from other parts of the world. With the help of this app, you will be able to join communities based on your personal interests.

You can also share the shining moments of your everyday life and form connections with other local like-minded users through the different interaction methods available including pure video chat, messages, or personal cards.  

With HMU, you can look for and participate in interesting communities related to sports, games, music, and selfies so you can further grow your social circles. You can also engage in live chat with all like-minded users who caught your interest.

15. Match


Match can probably be considered as the titan in the world of online dating and hookup that makes it one of the top choices to this day. Being one of the biggest and most famous hookup dating apps in existence, Match offers some really amazing features.  

Match app is self-proclaimed as the number one choice of many users when it comes to relationships and dating. The app is being used by good quality singles in many parts of the United States. This app is also great for both casual and serious dating.   

The app is great for singles that are not yet sure whether or not they want casual or serious dating. It also works great for people who prefer the more traditional catalog online dating style.

16. OKCupid

ok cupid

Can you still recall those times when you played question and answer games with potential partners during a date? It used to be a great way to get to know more about a person. If you like your dates to answer your questions first before you meet them, OKCupid could just be the perfect hookup app for you.

After you have downloaded the app, you will be able to create your own profile, add photos, and link your social media accounts. Once you are done with this, you can answer questions to help the app correctly match you with other like-minded people.

If you find someone attractive who is an excellent match for you and is up for some fun tonight, you can send them a message after the two of you are matched with one another.  

17. Hinge


Hinge is a dating app that caters more to relationships. However, as long as you are upfront with your true intentions, it is also a very useful app for hookups. The user profiles are quite robust with photos or videos as well as written promotions. The app helps you find someone that you might be compatible with and is open to casual dates and hookups.

Hinge is particularly a great choice if you would like to have an ongoing casual hookup. Although they might not be looking for anything serious, members of Hinge app seem like they prefer something that is more than a mere one-night stand. You should be clear from the get-go that you are only looking for someone you can hook up and hang out with.

18. MeetMe


MeetMe is a popular app for social networking with at least 100 million members. These numbers may seem impossible to believe but this is really true and a proof of this is the number of reviews about the app found on Google Play and Apple Store.  

MeetMe has 1.5 million reviews on Google Play and almost 200,000 reviews on Apple. With the help of the app, you can start first as friends or even become something more if that is what you want. You can also hang out with actual people and not just fake profiles.

It is also 100% free to chat with other users on MeetMe without any worries or paywalls. You can also video chat and message in real time and there is a great live streaming feature as well.  

19. Skout


Do you want to meet potential hookups or new friends around your local area? If this is the case, then Skout is a hookup that you can download. Skout is a type of instant messaging platform that lets you meet more new people around your local area.

The app lets you chat with new people and talk about your interests so you will be able to know more about each other. It doesn’t matter if your conversations will lead to a date, friendship, or something more exciting because Skout is a hookup app that will let you meet more new people no matter where you are in the world.

If you wish to make your profile shine further, you can also use the available offers that will allow you to enjoy this unique distinction.

20. POF


Since its launch back in 2003, POF or Plenty of Fish has been continuously amassing a large group of users. The app provides manual profile searches, local swiping, and matching although you will only be able to chat if you got a mutual match. This is a classic hookup app that even beginners can use with ease.  

You can also choose to pay for a membership fee so you can unlock all the chat features of the app. There are some people who use POF to engage in more serious online dating. However, you can also expect to find people who are more interested in local hookups.

The app helps you find local matches in your own area. There are also profile search filters and a fun feature called “Chemistry Predictor.”