List Of The Best Polyamorous Dating Sites 2021

Polyamorous dating sites can do wonders to normalize that practice of finding and engaging in romantic encounters with multiple partners at the same time.

Every person in this world has all the right to love and be loved for who they really want in whatever way they want provided that it is consensual, it doesn’t hurt anyone, and no law is broken. If you and your partner want to share your passion and love with another woman or man, check out the following list of short and concise polyamorous dating sites reviews to help you find the best choice for your needs.

1. AshleyMadison

ashley madison

Probably the world’s most notorious non-traditional dating platform, Ashley Madison has long been helping men and women who are in committed or married relationships seek steamy affairs ever since 2001.

The no-nonsense approach and a relatively easy to navigate site layout is probably the reason why people continue to come back again and again to the site every single year. Since this the closest thing that you can find to a household name when it comes to dating websites for affairs, Ashley Madison naturally attracts a user base of similar-minded people that allows a seamless approach to find open relationships.

The profiles also have a member feedback area where other members have ranked the profile in the past to help identity who might be interested to get in touch with you and those who are not worthy of your time.

2. PolyamorousDating

polyamorous dating is a special online dating platform dedicated to help singles and couples find alternative and open relationships with like-minded people who are interested in polyamorous dating. This website boasts of several useful features to provide a rich and fun online dating experience.

You can sign up at the site for free and take advantage of its different features. For instance, you can browse for other members, take advantage of the basic search feature, use the online chat option, and so much more even if you only got a free membership.

On the other hand, if you want to access more advanced features of the site such as receiving and sending messages, viewing photos in full size, uploading unlimited photos, and using the advanced search functionality, you will need to upgrade to a premium membership.

3. BeyondTwo

beyond two

It doesn’t matter what your gender, relationship status, sexual orientation, location, background, ethnicity, or religion might be because BeyondTwo will surely welcome you with wide open arms.  It is a polyamorous dating platform that encourages couples to go more than just the two of them to look for happiness, love, and sexual pleasure. The best thing here is that there is no need for you to spend even a single dollar just to register, browse, and have a fun and flirty time on the site. BeyondTwo believes that through encouraging the poly individuals to get involved in the site and by making them feel welcomed to meet, discuss problems that they deem to be important, and to solve other issues, the site feels that it will empower the entire community across the world in general.

4. PolyMatchmaker

Poly Matchmaker

To put it simply, Polyamory is the capacity of loving many people. brings together all types of people from across the globe in an online community setting.

The site does not only offer a refined adult environment that brings people together for friendship, learning, camaraderie, support, and love. The platform also serves as good resource to learn what polyamory is all about in its many nuances and forms. The polyamory practice can actually be as unique and exceptional as every person. supports every style and every person.

The site has been consistently serving the ethical non-monogamous and poly community for more than 10 years. With its exceptional organic membership base, the site provides an extensive network of potential dates, partners, and friends who all share the same goal and that is ethical non-monogamy.

Indeed, is the best place for finding poly mates.

5. FindPoly

find poly

It doesn’t matter if you simply want to meet and make new friends or you are more interested in trying polyamorous dating because is definitely a great place to be.

Once you step inside, you will find and discover local polyamory groups, local poly meetups and events, global polyamory conferences, and a safe place to connect, learn, and have fun. The site also serves as a great stop for education and relationship resources.

Just so you know, the literal meaning of polyamory is many loves, with poly meaning many and amory meaning loves. It pertains to a specific form of ethical non-monogamy wherein a person has multiple romantic and loving relationships. This kind of relationship may or may not be sexual as well.

With the help of, you can look forward to finding that poly partner that you have long been searching for.

6. PolyamoryDate

polyamory date claims to be a community especially made for real poly adventures that include poly relationships, first dates, and casual hookups. Once you have finished creating a free profile, you will be able to upload videos, watch videos of other members, engage in private chats or in groups, and browse blog posts filled with polyamorous dating advice.

Polyamory Date takes special pride in its Anonymous Messaging system that will let you stay discreet for as long as you want until you are finally ready to divulge more personal information and details about yourself. Both you and your main partner are free to join the online dating site as a couple and begin your quest as you woo multiple people all at once.

7. SisterWives

Sister Wives

Since the year 2008, has been fully committed to both the online and offline poly community. The website believes that polygamy is one form of polyamory. They also welcome all different approaches to relationships guaranteed to bring the highest level of joy.

Sister Wives is the best place to go to discuss and talk about poly and what it really means to you. You can search for friends and dates that really make you happy, share your stories in the site’s blogs and forums, share your one of a kind experiences, and learn and explore new and fresh ideas.

It doesn’t matter if you are searching for a sister wife, wanting to be a sister wife, seeking a couple or group to date, searching for an event in the hopes of meeting people just like you, or you are just curious about polygamous relationships and how polygamy dating really works. This is because you can do all of these right here on the site.

8. PolyAm Date

poly am date

The main idea behind PolyAm.Date has originally started from learning about all the frustrations expressed in different online groups as to how dating websites poorly handled and dealt with ethical non-monogamy. Even the best dating websites only allowed people to designate that they allow non-monogamy yet PolyAm Community still puts up roadblocks in their profiles for protecting their members from people who might not have any interest in polyamory.

With the start of the design process, the concept of blending a community inclusion resource and a dating app was developed. Traditional dating websites focused on finding that special person for each user. But the PolyAm Community was looking for something more and not just the ability of finding partners but also discovering local communities and making new friends.

The purpose of PolyAm Date is to offer a community tool to help polyamorous people find friends, partners, local events and communities, and educational material for them to learn more about polyamory.

9. PolyamorousPassions

polyamorous passions

Polyamorous Passions is not just a popular dating website as it is also a renowned social network inclusive of polyamorous couples and singles. There are millions of polyamorous people on the site who make new friends, meet multiple partners, and find casual dates every single day.

You can also be another success story on the site and the only thing you need to do is to provide your name, age, gender, relationship status, match preferences, and city to the site. Polyamorous Passions is completely free to use and their team says they will continue to offer their services for as long as the concept of polyamory exists.

10. BlackAndPolyDating

black and poly dating specifically supports the black and poly community to help them find partners. This is an organization developed by Ron Young to make it easier for people identified as black to transition into polyamory. Through the years, the site has served as a resource for advocacy, discussion, and education.

Black and Poly Dating welcomes everyone regardless of their ethnicity or race. The site embraces womanism instead of feminism, which means that they empower the voices of black women instead of defaulting to patriarchy and white supremacy.

The community allows its members to ask questions and share stories that are usually unexamined due to shame and fear. The goal of the site is to offer a culturally and eclectic environment where people will be able to come together to learn, share common interests, and socialize.