List of The Best Transgender Dating Sites 2021

It is not easy to find the best transgender dating sites. After all, many traditional dating platforms today don’t really have a designated special category for transgender people. Those who belong to the trans community are having a hard time searching for a transgender dating site that can cater to their needs and meet and satisfy their emotional demands.

This is why we have simplified the search process for you. We will give you a good overview of the best transgender dating sites online today. Let us help you choose the right one for you so you can get started with your transgender dating experience soon!

1. MyTranssexualDate

my transsexual date

MyTranssexualDate was established by Cyril Mazur, a French entrepreneur, and Maki Gongoyon, his wife who happens to be a transgender Filipino beauty queen. Established in 2013, the site has already amassed 700,000 users all over the world with a remarkable 14 million page views every month.

The site’s founders wanted to develop a platform that will help transsexual women find the right men for them who will appreciate and accept them for who they are and vice versa. The advocacy of the site is to promote serious relationships and sincere dating. Pay for pleasure, prostitution, hook-ups, and sexual encounters are strictly not allowed in the site. The moderators of the site also strictly enforce the policy. This is the reason why every photo upload and profile information on the site goes through an approval process.

2. TSDating

ts dating

TS Dating is the leading transgender dating site especially made for transgender, transsexual, and transvestite people all over the world. The site doesn’t require any commitment from its members so you can join it for free and start looking for potential matches and dates. There is also a 3-day trial and monthly membership for people who wish to step up their game and reach out to other members.

The site also labels itself as the perfect hangout place for those who want to satisfy their curiosity. It has already established itself as among the top spot for all transvestites, transsexuals, and everything in between. They already boast of a tribe of more than 42,000 loyal followers that have stayed with them since their launch.

TS Dating is anonymous and secure so you don’t need to reveal a lot about yourself if you don’t want to.

3. TSScene

ts scene

TS Scene is the best place to be if you want to meet and reach out to thousands of transgender singles. It is free and easy to join this unique community of open-minded people. Right after you have identified yourself as a transgender, transvestite, transsexual, man, woman, or couple,  you can already get started searching for wonderful partners in your area. The dating platform makes fun and flirting within easy reach of all transgender singles across the globe.

The website has a lot of exciting features that await you. You can send messages and IM to other members or even a flirt to people who caught your interest. If you don’t want to, it is also possible to stop receiving emails. You can also choose to receive email alerts or newsletters if you want. No matter what you are after, you can be sure that TS Scene can meet all your demands.

4. TransSingle

trans single is a dating platform especially meant to address the dating requirements of transsexual and transgender people. One of the top goals of the site is to help its members find a long-term relationship instead of a mere hookup. The focus of the site is to connect its members to other members who are also open to the idea of finding serious relationships and love. There are also no gender restrictions here because the site accepts even straight members provided that they are open to the possibility of being part of a genderless relationship.

There is something good about for transgender singles whose goal is to establish serious relationships within the community instead of common and no-commitment hookups. Just remember, though, that the functionalities of the site might be a bit limited so you might need to make an extra effort to befriend much less date your fellow members.

5. TSDates

ts dates is a dating platform based in the US made specifically for the LGBTQ+ community members. Even though it targets this particular audience, it also welcomes all genders from all walks of life. It doesn’t matter if you are a curious straight woman or man who wants to know more about the world of trans people or you are a group or couple who wish to experience the joys of their companion. You can be sure that this site is a great place to be.

It is easy to see that the site has an edge over other similar sites. With more than 88 million members from different corners of the globe, TSDates boasts of an extensive list of features you will need for you to have the best adult dating experience.

6. TransDate

trans date is a special dating platform that will make it easier for you to meet transgender women. It is not really a surprise that Trans Date is considered as one of the world’s best transgender dating sites. This is because the site hooks you up with only the best trans women out there.

The site is composed of more than 100,000 gorgeous trans women members from across the globe, including doms, subs, sissies, crossdressers, pre-op trans women, and post-op trans women.

The site has every demographic of TS women from Latin, Asian, white, black, or others that your heart desires. All you have to do is use one or more of their search options for you to narrow down and simplify your quest for your trans soulmate. The site is more than a simple transgender dating so you can be sure to have the best experience.

7. Butterfly


Butterfly is an online dating site mainly for transgender dating. You can join the site for free to find and set up dates with transsexual, FTM, MTF, non-binary, and gender fluid people. The site is open for single and non-singles for other types of relationships. This is one of the best places online where transsexuals and transgenders can find love with no need to worry about being stereotyped or judged.

Butterfly implements a rigorous process for registration and by rigorous, it means that registration is for the purpose of verifying that you are of the right age and a real person. The site will ask for your real name, birth date, location, a real profile photo, and a description of yourself and your relationship interests. The whole process is easy though so you can finish everything in no time.

8. MyTransgenderCupid

my transgender cupid

My Transgender Cupid provides a one of a kind dating experience for all transsexuals who are searching for romance as well as open-minded CIS people who hope to meet and date transgender singles.

The site has an exceptional user-friendliness as it provides a fluid way of moving from feature to feature while still getting in touch with other users and expressing their interest. It also has an open and quite supportive trans-oriented community that is a good news for its members.

Anyone searching for the best transsexual dating service should definitely check out My Transgender Cupid as this is especially made for trans-oriented men and trans-women who want committed and long term relationships.

9. Trans4Date

trans 4 date

Trans4Date is an online transgender dating site designed for one purpose and niche that makes transgender people feel more comfortable during online dates. Trans4Date is created while keeping in mind that all transgender people deserve a platform where they will be able to express themselves, their desires, and their needs for pleasure.

Based on its name, you can easily tell that it is a platform meant for transgender people who are searching for a date. This also caters to the admirers of these transgender people who want to date them. It doesn’t matter if you are a female or male because there are times when you will admire a transgender. When this happens, it might be difficult to find someone to date on traditional dating sites. This is why checking out Trans4Date makes perfect sense to simplify your search.

10. TGPersonals

tg personals is an online dating platform that you can use for free to connect transsexual and transgender people in the United States together. You can use it to find friends, roommates, love, or sexual partners who belong to the transgender community.

The website has been especially designed for hooking up transgender people across the US on a protected and safe dating platform. This is a big help considering that many transgender people have been stereotyped in the public due to their uniqueness.

TGPersonals is an all in one dating platform that lets you search for someone you can hang out and enjoy a fun time with, for friends, or just about anyone. You can feel free to use this site to get started with your transgender dating experience.