Furry Dating Sites & Apps Reviews

When you speak of furries, these are people interested in anthropomorphic animals or those animals that have human qualities. A lot of furries form their own animal character called fursona that serves as their avatar in the furry communities.

Although fursonas are all based on animals, whether it is a dog, a cat, a bird, a wild animal, a reptile, or mythical creature, they can walk upright just like humans with a cartoon-like appearance most of the time. Due to their unique dating needs, we have decided to conduct deep research to find and list down some of the best furry dating sites and apps in the online world today.

#1 Ferzu


Diversity is being encouraged by the furry fandom and at Ferzu.com, you can expect a matchmaking platform that is suitable for you no matter what your fursonas might be. The site is a great option for people who wish to do some exciting experiments as well as those who want to explore their own personality.

Among the key reasons why Ferzu has been chosen as one of the best furry dating sites on the list is because of the fact that it welcomes all members, furries and even ordinary people alike. There is no such thing as discrimination on the platform and everyone is welcome to visit, create a dating profile, and start exploring the world of unique and wonderful personas.  

Just so you know, furries are popular for being amazing artists so the site is also a good choice to consider for people who simply wish to browse through a variety of excellent illustrations. Since Ferzu.com is very user-friendly, even beginners can easily navigate the site in just a matter of clicks. All you need is a nickname and a valid email address and you can already become a Ferzu member.  The website is also well-organized. All of the main categories are visibly and clearly displayed so navigating and exploring Ferzu.com will be a piece of cake.

#2 Furry Amino App


Furry Amino app is currently one of the fastest growing communities that cater to all furries and fursonas out there. This is a good place to be if you want to meet other furries just like yourself, engage in some exciting roleplay, stay updated with all the latest furry news, and look for and meet new furry friends.

With the help of Furry Amino app, you can also chat with other furries as well as meet new people. You can also discover some new tips on how to lead a furry lifestyle. Aside from getting the latest furry updates and news, members can also share their creations and artwork. Members can also contribute to and learn from the site’s furry catalog that basically works as an encyclopedia of everything furry.

#3 FurryMate

furry mate

FurryMate.com is a good platform of choice for people who are searching for a straightforward and simple platform where they can find and meet someone likeminded.  This person could be either a partner or a dear friend. No matter what it is, the app overflows with all kinds of visitors.

If you will try to compare the stats from years 2011 to 2021, FurryMate.com has seen impressive growth in terms of its membership base. Back in June 2011, there are only 4,000 members on site. But, in the month of December the following year, the figures grew to over 12,000 members. Such growth is an excellent indicator of the quality of the site. The registration process is not really that complicated.  After all, they believe that there is no reason to complicate things when the only thing people want is to be a member of the site. All you have to do is fill in the simple form with basic details, upload a photo, and you can get started exploring this unique furry community.  

#4 FurFling


What makes FurFling.com different from others is the possibility of exchanging adult content. Most furry dating sites and apps cater to the open-minded yet more often than not, there is a set limit for the kind of allowed content.

With FurFling.com, you can expect that there are no limits imposed provided that it is not rude or offensive. It indicates that the website is made for people who are not hesitant to engage in more erotic conversations. You can expect to be in a fine platform where you get the chance to meet all types of fursonas from different parts of the world and share and exchange exciting experiences with them. As expected, the process of signing up to the site is also relatively simple. All you need here is basic personal information including your username, age, country, photo, gender, and more. Similar to other online dating sites, those under 18 years old are not allowed to become members of the site. The site has also been optimized for both mobile devices and computers.

You can also communicate with other members through sending a message, a wink, or a hookup request. However, take note that those who don’t have a premium membership to the site won’t be able to use all the available options.

#5 FurrTrax


Furrtrax.com is a special matchmaking nook for people who wish to find new friends, take part in different events, meet and communicate with other furries living nearby, and so much more. Being a social network and a dating platform alike, the project was developed with the goal of helping people who are part of the furry community to organize things better and have a faster way of finding and meeting new people who share similar interests.

Due to its unique features, it is easy to see that FurrTrax.com caters for those who prefer to be a part of a highly-interactive place where they can communicate with their fellow fursonas. The site developer himself has stressed out that the use of bots just to entice people into paying membership is completely unethical. This is the reason why they decided to provide a plethora of choices for free. To maximally simplify the registration process, you just need an email to become a site member and start exploring a plethora of choices available.

#6 FurrySingles

furry singles

FurrySingles.com is a community especially made for all furries out there. You can sign up to the site for free, log in, and experience the fun and excitement. It doesn’t matter if your fursona walks, swims, or flies, you can expect to find and meet your mate on this social network. Furry fandom refers to the subculture that is interested in fictional anthropomorphic animal characters that have human characteristics and personalities. You can join and search for love to enjoy the furry conventions and put on your favorite costume.

Furry fans or also called fursonas create anthropomorphic animal characters that they use for role-playing in the internet forums and MUDs. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for long distance relationship, a furry friend, or even a furry mate, you can join FurrySingles.com for free so you can start meeting a fur partner right away.  

#7 FurriesXtreme


FurriesXtreme.org is a social equality furry network ran for furries by furries. Social networking is the main goal of the site. They wish to connect its members with other furries and the site offers a selection of tools that can help you do exactly just that.

With the help of the site, you can look for the specific furries that have your preferred interests in mind. The network allows you to create sub-communities for almost anything. Members can also post in the forums, chat in the video or text-supported live chatroom, write blogs, post ads, share media such as photos, videos, sounds, and files, and so much more. The equality is also very important so everyone has an equal chance on the site to connect with as many users as you want and become an active top user. You will get more noticed on the site depending on the efforts you make as you go out to random profiles and greet other members.  

#8 Howlr


Just like the rest of the furry dating sites and apps, Howlr is specifically made for those who want to get a sneak peek of the intriguing and unique realm of furry fans to see what the fuss is all about. This kind of platform helps fursonas to meet someone like-minded and gives people who are curious the chance to explore this world. Members can create their own profiles and get started with meeting some of the most amazing people.

It is very simple and easy to explore this furry dating application, especially if you got Telegram. Unfortunately, you cannot be a member if you don’t have one. The main purpose for this is the increased level of security since it allows easy tracking of banned users. However, there might still be better ways of maintaining a desirable level of security and allow people with no Telegram to sign up to the site. When it comes to the options, you are allowed to send photos and chat but there is nothing more beyond this.