Best Herpes Dating Sites & Apps 2021

In this day and age, it is already complicated and difficult enough to meet new people. But, things get even harder and more challenging if you are diagnosed with herpes. People who suffer from herpes often struggle for many years to look for someone they can share their life with.

But, worry no more because we are here to make things easier for you. We have done the best research to help you find the best herpes dating sites and apps where you can find and meet people who will accept and love you for who and what you are.

See the List of the Best Herpes Dating Websites:

1. PositiveSingles

positive singles gets the first spot when it comes to the top herpes dating sites available online right now. From the name itself, it is very easy to tell that this site is especially made for people with STDs like herpes.

At the moment, the site boasts of more than 600 million members all over the world, with 110 million members of which are based in the United States. These members are people who have been diagnosed with herpes, HPV, HIV, Chlamydia, and other types of STDs.

Positive Singles was officially launched back in 2001 and from then on, it has risen to the top of the ranks of the most prominent herpes dating websites to date. Through signing up to the site, men and women alike can create their own profiles for free and start meeting and talking to other people who share the same conditions as them.   

This full-featured dating website comes with a highly-detailed search engine that helps its members find their perfect match wherever they are in the world.  



MPWH or Meet People With Herpes is the second most popular dating website for members with herpes. The site is made especially for people who have been diagnosed with HSV. Although the members of the website are based in different countries all over the world, most of its registered users are located in the United States. Since the focus of the website is exclusively on herpes dating, people who have other STDs are totally filtered out.

It is quick and easy for members to create their personal dating profile on the site and doing so can be completed in just 15 minutes. Users are allowed to access the website’s user database and get started with their dating journey right away.

MPWH boasts of a very comprehensive profile that helps promote better matching among the site members. Every member is allowed to view fellow members, have a full control of who can and cannot see their profile, and check the profile details of potential matches.

3. HSVSingles

hsv singles creates a safe zone free from judgment for people diagnosed with herpes who wish to go on dates and find love along the way. Just like other websites for herpes dating, HSV Singles focuses on developing a community and forming friendships among its members. The site basically serves as a social space that emphasizes on an organic form of dating.

The website is particularly popular and in demand among the 25 to 44 age bracket even though their user base is relatively smaller than other sites. Another notable thing about the site is that it is also LGBTQ-friendly, something that is actually a rare occurrence in the world of herpes dating. This unique demographics helps people feel more welcomed the moment they arrive at the site that allows HSV Singles to continue to grow bigger and better by the day.

The community in general feels not only welcoming but also inspiring and entertaining for each and every member.

4. HSV Date

hsv date caters to people who are sick and tired of the same old traditional dating websites that are crowding the online dating scene today.

The site has a herpes chat feature that allows its members to send messages to the people they are interested in. The Quick Match feature helps users to get and find dates as fast as possible. Members of can also see the profiles of those who viewed them and check those who might be interested in them as well.

The platform is made in such a way that it nurtures a reliable community and support system where members are able to ask for and give advice to others, have fun, and enjoy a life that is far and safe from the discrimination they experience out in the society as a result of their condition. creates a warm and safe space for people diagnosed with HSV that makes it worth the try to find friendship, acceptance, support, or even romantic love.  

5. MeetPositives

meet positives

One of the newcomers in the herpes dating scene launched only in 2014 is This was designed to help people diagnosed with herpes and other types of STD sharing the same condition as them.

The sign-up process of the site is simple and easy and it can be completed in just a few minutes and start finding and meeting other members with herpes nearby. Everyone can take advantage of the free registration and creation of dating profile. The website also contains lots of informative blogs not only about herpes but also other forms of STDs.  

Meet Positives was made to revolutionize the world of herpes dating through their better matching and advanced search features. Users can also review some safety tips and discover everything there is to know about herpes while hoping to find a potential date.

The website’s vibrant community also allows its members to quickly reach out to other people and get to meet new friends with the least effort.

6. H Date

hdate is among the most popular STD dating sites in the United States especially made for people who are diagnosed with herpes, HIV, and HPV. It originally started as a free to use site but after 2016, started to offer a premium membership required to contact and get in touch with other members. However, people are still allowed to create their dating profiles for free, see other local profiles, and update their profile details when and if needed.

The website currently has around 100,000 members that make it a great platform to engage with herpes dating. H-Date has a search bar that works just like other websites that allows members to find their potential matches according to name, age, gender, location, profile activity, type of activity, and others. The only downside is that there are instances when it can be a bit tricky and difficult to look for a match because the number of active users is rather small and limited.

7. HWerks

hwerks is a dating website that caters to people who have been diagnosed with herpes. This provides a classy platform for the herpes positive men and women who are in their quest for love and romance. markets itself as a premium dating website that has a one-time payment and paying this will give users their lifetime membership to the site.

Upon payment of this premium membership, users will be able to get access to all of the useful and helpful features of the site such as blogs, national events for herpes patients, insights to the local HPV and HSV support groups, and others. Even though dating is the main focus and purpose of the site, it also does a great job in helping herpes singles to conquer their fears and enjoy living a better and happier life.

Every member of the site can view the profiles of other members, chat, send messages, view photos, and share their thoughts about being diagnosed with herpes.  

8. HerpesPassions

herpes passions is a free to use herpes dating website. The platform gives its members the chance to become a part of an online network in which they can choose other connected dating websites based on their specific interests and preferences.   

This free dating website also allows its members to chat and send messages to other members who are suffering from the condition. As a result, it forms a unique community of people who share the same problem. This website also allows its users to find people who have been diagnosed with HSV 2 or HSV 1 or even both.

However, while Herpes Passions may have a rather large membership base, some of them are not really active. But still, the website manages to offer its users with lots of free to use and interesting features. It might also have made things better if the site has a moderator to help its members who live with STDs.

9. DatePositive

date positive markets itself as the biggest dating community in the United Kingdom made especially for people who are diagnosed with herpes and other forms of STDs.

The platform was launched in 2006 and this also happens to be among the most affordable dating services in this particular part of the globe. For as low as £3.99 monthly, users can get access to a plethora of features that can only be found on premium sites in this particular online dating segment.

The site also takes pride in being one of the most trusted dating communities for people who live with herpes and STDs. Aside from the competitive pricing of the site, it also offers a sheer number of exciting options for all of its members.

It is very easy to communicate and reach out with other users and members can take advantage of the client support desk if they ever encounter any problems while using the site.  

10. STDPlanet

stdplanet is a herpes dating website where members will be able to find and meet someone who is willing to lend a listening ear or someone they can reach out to if needed.  

The site takes pride in having members who are kind, devoted, and caring of one another. The platform gathers single men and women from different walks of life that are now sick and tired of the stigma of being associated with their condition.

STD Planet believes that no one deserves their spirits to be dampened and with their past to define who and what they are. It is a one of a kind dating community exclusively made for all herpes and STD singles as well as those who are willing to accept, date, and love those singles that were tested positive.

What sets this dating community apart from others is their steadfast belief in healing and recuperation through acceptance, unwavering support, and love.

11. HerpesDatingGroup

herpes dating group is dedicated to make sure that no one herpes positive single will feel like their whole world is falling apart to the point that they sink into the abyss of sadness and loneliness little by little.  

The site believes that no one deserves to have a hard time finding their happiness no matter what their condition might be. It is a place where herpes positive singles can meet someone who is going to lift them from the hole that they fell into.

There is no need for you to be all alone just because you were inflicted with herpes. developed a community that gathers those who have herpes to let them talk, chat, share their unique experiences and interact with people who will be able to understand and accept them completely. It gives all of its members the opportunity to find and meet friends, lovers, and even a soul mate. One of the main strengths of the site is the fact that no one here will judge others.

See The List of the Best Herpes Dating Apps(iOS & Android)

1. PositiveSingles App 

ps app

Positive Singles app is the leading herpes dating app to date. One of the biggest draws of the app is that it not only caters to people diagnosed with herpes as this is also among the few dating apps for people suffering from other forms or types of STDs.

The main goal of the app is to help and guide singles in their quest for love and support from the unique community that will accept and understand whatever it is they are going through.  

Positive Singles app has millions of users and the numbers continue to grow by the day as more and more people who live with sexually transmitted diseases and infections search for ways to conquer the ever-common societal stigma. Just because someone is positive doesn’t mean that his or her love life will also come to an end. The website is also determined and dedicated to make a stand against the misconception.

2. MPWH App 


MPWH app is one of the original dating apps for people who were diagnosed with herpes. The members of the site can engage in any form of relationship status. However, one thing to note about this app is that a person must be diagnosed with HSV 2 or HSV 1. It means that if you have a different form of STI or STD, the app will not accept your profile since this is an exclusive herpes dating site. Most of the users of the app no longer want to be judged because of their herpes condition and are in their search for true love and serious partners.

Even though the app focuses on catering to people diagnosed with herpes, as far as dating is concerned, this condition is just part of who a person is. The profile of the members will basically reflect their personality so that other members will have an idea of who they are.

3. PositiveMatch App

positivematch app

It can be very difficult and problematic to date if you are suffering from herpes or any other type of STD. However, PositiveMatch app was able to establish a one of a kind community that makes the whole experience easier, faster, and safer for everyone. Herpes or STD singles will feel more confident and comfortable as they meet new people, find friends, date new people, and just live their lives to the fullest.

It is free to download the app. The app is made up of real profiles and each one goes through the checking of the AI tech while scammers and bots are blocked manually.

The site is STD-friendly and comes with a plethora of features including break the ice, filter, easy chat, and more.

Positive Match app takes pride in being one of the newest fastest-growing apps in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.  It is also starting to establish its name in other countries such as France, Taiwan, and many other parts of the globe.

4. HDate App

hdate app

HDate app is one of the most unique herpes dating apps right now. With the help of the app, finding an ideal match has been turned into a fun and enjoyable dating game while managing to treat and handle the whole process in a more serious way. The site also has a good social meeting segment that they call Moments.

The app requires its users to undergo email verification during registration. HDate approaches finding a potential match as a pleasant and fun game. Users can swipe right if they like someone or they can swipe right if they are not interested. There is also an ID verification to check and guarantee that people are really who they say they are.