Best Rich Men Dating Sites of 2021

Gone are the days when rich men waste their time and effort at local clubs. Now more than ever, wealthy men and those who have always wanted to date them can take advantage of rich men dating sites no matter where they are in the world right now.

To simplify your search for your dream rich man, our team has decided to take the burden off your shoulders. We have chosen some of the best rich men dating sites right now that cater to affluent men who are searching for attractive women and vice versa to let them embark on their journey soon.

1. MillionaireMatch

millionaire match

Since 2001, Millionaire Match has consistently topped the ranks of the best rich men dating sites in the world. As of writing, the platform boasts of more than 4.5 million active members who have verified profiles. The website welcomes only successful members and this means that they don’t deal with sugar dating. Instead, they focus on elite millionaire matching.  

This gives it members the chance to meet someone who has the same level of success as they are. It implies that everyone on the site will be able to meet other millionaires, someone who will understand their journey and reach the pinnacle of success. The main goal of the site is to help CEOs, lawyers, celebrities, entrepreneurs, and athletes who know all too well how difficult and tricky it is to find and meet someone they will truly respect and someone they will fall in love and be in a serious relationship with.

2. SugarDaddyMeet

sugar daddy meet is a straightforward dating platform that caters to rich men and those ladies who hope to date them. The site has been in the industry for over a decade and boasts of a large number of active members. The website has several useful and helpful features to help its members with their dating journey.

Sugar Daddy Meet also helps its members avoid the stigma usually associated with this type of dating. Its members are given the chance to skim through around 4.5 million prominent members and look for their ideal match. This site caters to those who prefer to engage in casual dating. The profiles of the site’s members are concise and clear and explain expectations in a direct way. As rich men meet beautiful ladies, female members of the site can look for gentlemen who will be interested to date them.  

3. Seeking

seeking arrangement is a website that boasts of an extensive network of more than 20 million members. Since its launch, the website has been catering to people who are interested in the unique arrangement of beauty meets wealth.

The platform not just provides its members an exceptional arrangement as it also takes things as notch higher as it encourages its members to engage in commitment and long-term love relationships. matches users together for their beauty and wealth and other essential qualities such as honesty, personality, and compassion.

Wealthy men and their members can search for potential relationships based on their personal terms and conditions that are defined by allowances, enjoyable travels, and pampering. Seeking has now become one of the most popular rich men dating sites today that form both casual and more meaningful relationships.

4. EliteSingles

elite singles truly lives up to its name as it offers an elite match to its members, thus matching millionaires with their fellow millionaires and other professionals. The platform is completely focused on helping its professional members find love. doesn’t come with the fling locator that is quite common among most apps. The aspiring members are instead required to take the personality test, fill out their dating profile, and wait for their potential matches.

While the site doesn’t require all of its members to be millionaires, it still requires its aspiring members to be focused on their career with high levels of education, what they regard as high quality prospects, and those who are wealthy in more ways than their bank accounts alone.  Elite Singles’ advanced Five Factor Model-based test is among the most reliable services that match people who came from higher income class.

5. SugarDaddy

sugar daddy is a rich men dating site that is meant to make it easier and simpler to engage in this unique form of dating. This is a platform that connects women and rich men while also creating rewards and a sense of excitement that everyone will appreciate and enjoy.

With the site’s exceptional attention to even the smallest details and their extensive range of visuals, sets itself apart from others as it provides verified and high quality profiles together with a wide variety of other exciting benefits. is one of the best rich men dating sites for those who wish to enter and experience the realm of sugar daddy dating. The site focuses a lot on privacy, making it easier to sign up. The prices of the site are also at par with what other sites ask for.

6. WhatsYourPrice

whats your price offers a rather interesting concept when it comes to how they deal with the idea of rich men dating. The male members bid on the lady they wish to date and how much they are willing to pay for her companionship, expenses, and allowance. The platform wants to make it easier for all people involved to engage in sugar dating. Men can be sure of the quality of their dates while women can browse through verified rich men profiles.

The whole concept of the site is to level the playing field for the gents through putting a specific price on a rather confusing topic like sugar dating. At the same time, it also makes it fun for the ladies to find and meet interesting men. Members of the site no longer need to go through those awkward chats and get straight to the point instead.

7. RichMeetBeautiful

rich meet beautiful never uses the term sugar daddies because elite matchmaking is what they encourage instead among their members composed of high-earning and attractive single men and gorgeous women. The target audience of the site is composed of male millionaires who are searching for beautiful but independent-minded women. By definition, sugar babies are not really welcomed in the site.

This dating platform has members who are all verified millionaires and they use a more serious form of matchmaking system that is based on science. Members are provided with profiles that match their own unique personality according to their checklist of personal preferences. The website also boasts of a high ratio between its male and female members that makes it different from other rich men dating sites out there.

8. EstablishedMen

established men is a great online matchmaking service that focuses to help beautiful young ladies find mature and rich men to date. Launched way back in 2009, the website is not that straightforward when it comes to its goals and the benefits that it offers to its members. The membership base is also a bit minimal, which might be a bit disappointing to some.  

But, one notable thing about Established Men is that it allows both women and men to begin searching in their local area right away to look for a potential date. It also promises strict guidelines for registrations of their members. The staff will send their response in a matter of 24 hours following the registration. They will also delete those sketchy profiles such as ads of escorts or prostitutes.

9. DateAMillionaire

date a millionaire is among the finest rich men dating sites for women who wish to date single rich men and vice versa. The site only features men and women who are really single and are interested in having quality relationships. The site has an extensive user base made up of single wealthy men and their admirers. About 55% of the membership is composed of women while the remaining 45% is made up of women.   

People can join the site for free, create their own account, upload photos, search for other singles in their local area, and receive IMs from the other singles near and around them. The main features of the site include IM, chat, email, Flirts, search, and Black book. The site’s basic service is also available for free.

10. OnLuxy

luxy is the exclusive dating website for rich men and successful businessmen. It is a great place for men and women to find and meet their ideal matches. Despite being a new website only recently launched in 2014, it has already made a name as one of the leading premium sites in its niche.  

OnLuxy is a site dedicated to all rich and successful men who are living a luxurious life. This is an elite site for wealthy people and has millions of active users and unique visitors every day. It has already been featured in some TV channels such as CNN and BBC and publications including Huffington Post, Business Insider, and The New York Times. It helps bring together all attractive singles.

The design of the site looks unique and has a wealthy feeling to it.

11. WealthyMen

wealthy men is a special dating website that caters to men and women searching for a higher quality of online dating experience. The dating service gives women the chance to search for professional men who earn over $100,000 annually. Women who visit the site will discover that the profiles on the site are of real men who already reached the pinnacle of their success and are still hoping to meet someone they can share or even spend their lives with.

Wealthy Men is the very first online dating service in its niche that boasts of a one of a kind process of verification not only of profession but also of picture and income. This gives its members the assurance that all profiles on the site are the real deal.

12. MillionaireMate

millionaire mate is among the oldest rich men dating sites that you can find in the market right now. Thanks to their long years of being in the field, the site currently boasts of an extensive membership base composed of CEOs, celebrities, entrepreneurs, doctors, and Hollywood celebrities, just to name a few.

The service has already successfully brought together rich men and their admirers from different parts of the world. The platform provides basic membership for free that comes with lifetime validity. It also encourages its users to add as much information about themselves as possible to increase their chances of finding a potential partner. The only downside is an upgraded membership is necessary in order to interact with other site users.

13. MillionairesClub123

millionaires club is an exclusive membership website that has a rather intensive acceptance policy. There are limitless rewards that await you once you are chosen. The founder of the club feels that successful men and women who engage in dating need an exclusive and private club where they will be able to find and meet their ideal match.

Men and women who are not rich go through heavy screening and scrutiny before the club accepts them. Millionaires are preened, coached, and prepped and guided through the whole process of finding then dating their matches that could lead to a marriage proposal if lucky.

The services of the site have been tailored to each person and their ideal match.

14. MeetMillionaireMen

meet millionaire men aims to save its female members from underachieving boyfriends and cheap dates and help them instead to meet wealthy and rich men who are single at the moment and hope to meet someone with whom they can share their fortune and love.

People who believe that romance and love are as important as riches and wealth will surely find the ideal balance within this community of successful and established people. Since the members were already able to reach success in life, they are now given the chance to be successful with love.  

Signing up with the site is a fast and easy process that can be completed in a matter of minutes so members can get started with their dating experience right away.